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Gonorrhea Treatment

Gonorrhea Treatments for Men and Women


It appears that the number of people infected with gonorrhea is increasing. This may be misleading, since methods for detection of the condition have greatly advanced. It is possible that more cases are being identified and cured than in the past, which leads to higher chronicled rates of infection. Regardless which situation is true, gonorrhea treatment can be a simple process and the cure rate approaches 95%, which makes this infection one of the most treatable of the venereal diseases. Antibiotics are used to treat the condition, and if it is caught early, one treatment is usually all that is required. You can get tested at an STD clinic.

Those who are infected frequently develop chlamydia at a later date. 30% of those with gonorrhea also get chlamydia. For that reason, treatment for both conditions is often administered at the same time. Those infected with one kind of STD often find that they have been exposed to more than one. It is advisable to test for these conditions since many can pose great health risks if left untreated. For those individuals who suffer from certain medical conditions, allergies and for those who are pregnant, standard treatments may be dangerous. It is important to inform your physician about any medical conditions that might require alternative treatments.

The most effective way to prevent any kind of STD is to engage only in monogamous relations. Condom use is also an important safeguard if you are sexually active. If you do develop gonorrhea, your doctor will typically treat the condition with ciprofloxacin or cefixime. In addition, doxycycline or azithromycin will be administered to treat a possible chlamydia infection. You should take your antibiotics for the entire time for which they are prescribed, even if symptoms disappear. You should also refrain from any type of sexual activity until the infection has completely cleared. Taking over-the-counter paid medications can relieve any discomfort. If you develop gonorrhea in the eye, then intravenous treatment with antibiotics will be required. Additionally, topical antibiotic solution should be used to irrigate the eye. In all cases, your sexual partners should be identified and informed that they have possibly been exposed to and STD.

Many also advocate oxygen therapy for gonorrhea treatment in addition to an antibiotic regimen. Proper nutrition also helps the body to fight infections and heal more quickly from any disease. It has been discovered that cells deprived of 35% of their required oxygen can turn malignant and become susceptible to all sorts of diseases and infections, By oxygenating the body, you can help it resist viral and bacterial infections that lead to disease. Shortage of oxygen can lead to many life-threatening conditions, so it is important to keep yourself oxygenated.

Many bacteria, diseases, toxins, pathogens and microorganisms cannot survive in a highly oxygen-enriched environment.

If your gonorrhea treatment is effective, symptoms such ass discharge should start to clear up quickly, often in only two days. You should carefully monitor your situation and symptoms should totally disappear within two weeks. If this does not occur, you should return for additional tests and treatment. The STD is usually quite treatable, and usually can be cured quickly when promptly caught. If you suspect you have been infected, you can be tested at STD clinics.


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