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Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women

Common Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Women


What are gonorrhea symptoms in women? Gonorrhea is a disease that is spread by sexual contact. This includes genital oral and genital anal. You may be able to contract it by rubbing your eyes after touching an object with a discharge that is infected. Expectant mothers are able to pass this to infants during giving birth. Gonorrhea symptoms in women and men may be noticeable after a couple of days or one month from contact.

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women

1. The most usual site for an infection is the cervix. A few signs include a vomiting, fevers, pain on one or each side of the stomach, irregular menstruation, and discharge. The urethra may also get infected which is indicated by burning during urination.

2. The virus may also be transmitted to the throat by oral sex. It is known as pharyngeal gonorrhea. The signs are glands that are puffy and sore throat.

3. Around 1-3 % of females diagnosed with the disease can develop an infection that is disseminated. Some symptoms of disseminated gonorrhea are aches in joints and wrist tendons, sores on feet, toes, hands,and fingers, rashes and fever.

4. Not all will show symptoms.


A culture test can be reliable in women. A culture test is done by getting a sample of discharge and allowing it to incubate below certain lab conditions for two days so the germs can increase.


It is significant not to delay seeking treatment once you notice any of the symptoms. The disease will only get worse as time goes on and can actually be more damaging.For instance, if the infection is in the eyes, it may cause blindness. If an infection in the cervix is not given proper treatment, infertility and inflammatory disease can occur.

Handling of gonorrhea symptoms in women is not complex and it involves taking several antibiotics by mouth or shots. If it is meant to be, the treatments may begin before the examination outcome is returned. Those wearing an IUD should take them out before they go for their treatment since these devices can cause viruses to spread.


The gonorrhea symptoms in women can be avoided by using the right protection during relations. Keep the amount of sexual partner restricted and only relations with your spouse is suggested.


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