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Gonorrhea Diagnosis

How is Gonorrhea Diagnosed?


The Gonorrhea diagnosis can be done through different laboratory tests. The common method is the person should undergo normal medical examinations and analysis. To conduct the lab test, the expert in the medical lab takes a sample from the patient’s body where there is a susceptibility of the bacteria, called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The parts that are susceptible include cervix, urethra, throat and rectum. The collected sample is sent for examination to the lab.

The fastest lab test is the gram stain for diagnosing gonorrhea. The results of gram stain are more dependable in case of men than women. This test can be conducted in doctor’s chamber or clinic.

To diagnose the Gonorrhea infection of the cervix or urethra, a urinary sample or gram stain test in the laboratory are enough. To conduct this test, a sample should be taken from either the urethra or cervix. The gonorrhea bacterium presence can be identified when the sample is observed under a microscope.

How Gonorrhea disease spreads?

The essential point about Gonorrhea disease is that this bacterium transmits through sexual activities.

Mainly, the disease gets transmitted from women to other people. Yet, this disease can also be transmitted from an infected male to men and women while sexual activities.

Though, it is not essential that the disease spreads only through sexual intercourse. If there is a contact with an infected person through mouth, penis, vagina, and anus, it is enough to get the disease.

Even if the persons are treated for Gonorrhea, they are more susceptible to the disease. Those people can again get the disease the instant they have sexual activity with the person suffering from gonorrhea.

Especially, Gonorrhea bacterium can even transmit to the fetus from an infected parent.

What are the causes of Gonorrhea?

The bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the cause for gonorrhea. This bacterium grows very fast in a woman’s reproductive tract. The moist areas are the ideal place for the bacterium to grow and even multiply.

In reality, any part of the body that is wet is the ideal place for the bacterium to grow. Therefore, it can grow and multiply in areas like throat, anus, urethra, mouth, and eyes. To get proper treatment, gonorrhea diagnosis should be done in the early stages of the disease.


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